See what our clients are saying about Excelerate Wellness:

Going to the gym for me isn't just about obtaining that "beach body" but more about improving my core strength to avoid further injury. Kyle's extensive background in movement and vast knowledge of fitness, science, and nutrition provides what i need and so much more. He has helped me to transform my body and improve my overall well being. I've never felt or looked better. He has taught me so much along the way about proper form and a vast array of lifts and exercises. He keeps workouts dynamic and always brings some laughter and fun to the table! I'm proud to call him my personal trainer and my friend"

Stephen, 33

Kyle Hartcorn has been my personal trainer for the past 6 years. During that time he has helped me both to lose weight and gain strength through an ever-changing workout regimen of exercises geared specifically to my needs and abilities. His training methods and personality make our sessions, which I had looked upon before him as a necessary chore, into an hour that I look forward to. You cannot go wrong having Kyle design your fitness program and will definitely be pleased with the results.

Louis, 67

Kyle taught me to work with kettlebells from zero to me being in pretty good shape. He knows how to push you the right way, he knows the secrets of how your body and muscles work, and he knows everything there is to know about kettlebell technique. Kyle has a complete approach to training that includes food as well. He has good advice on eating habits influencing me to eat better in addition to regular exercise. The best part - sessions are always fun - you work really hard but Kyle would support you and make a ton of jokes along the way making hard work very bearable. I would highly recommend his services to anyone serious about losing weight and building muscle. His approach works long term."

Andrey, 38

I have trained with Kyle for over two years, and the change that he has affected on me was more profound than expected.  I had trained with various other fitness experts over the past three years before Kyle, but was blown away by not only his knowledge of fitness and the body, but by his dedicated to my overall wellness as an individual.  Kyle helped me meet and exceed not only my fitness goals, but helped me to learn the difference between fitness and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I learned more about nutrition and listening to my body than I ever thought I could from a trainer. With Kyle’s help, I not only got in shape for my wedding, but he inspired me and drove me to reach further.  I competed in an organized Kettlebell competition, completely outside my comfort zone, and surpassed any expectations that I had for myself.  Kyle again pushed me, and I competed in another six months later, going up in weight to compete at a higher level.  Not only did he push me, but he was there with me every step of the way and helped me to surpass what I thought I was capable of.

Paul, 32

This all started for me in December of 2012 when I started back at the gym to get in shape. Once my son found out in January of 2013 he asked if I was really serious because he and my family wanted to get me a gift. My gift was meeting up with my son’s trainer to start a weight loss training program; this is when I met Kyle Hartcorn. Kyle, with his eating and weight training programs, transformed me who weighed 390lbs and had a waist size of 52/54” down to 250lbs with a waist size of 42/44” in a year. I learned a lot from Kyle because of his excellent knowledge in corrective exercise, nutrition, and weight training. After my total knee replacement he worked with me and stretched my legs, so it only took me two months before I was back on a golf course playing! Kyle is dedicated to his clients and will work hard with you as long as you are willing to do the same. I owe a lot to Kyle. He transformed a 60 year old heavy weight that wasn’t able to play with his grandkids without resting into someone fit and able to do things that I wasn’t able to do before. He added years to my life!!!! Thank you, my friend and trainer, Kyle Hartcorn."

Tom, 60

I can’t say enough good things about Victoria.  In addition to being highly knowledgeable about anatomy, exercise science, and nutrition, she is a natural expert at the psychology behind it all.  She has been so helpful at keeping me motivated, and helping me achieve levels of fitness I didn’t think were possible for me.  Equally important to the positive changes in my physical fitness she’s helped me make over the past two years, has been her ability to recognize what I need for overall well-being, including reminding me when I need to prioritize the importance of rest and relaxation! Whether you’re considering working with Victoria in-person or on-line, I highly recommend her.  Simply put, she’s definitely someone you want on your team!

Emily, 37

Victoria motivated me to commit to getting into shape during the busiest time in my career. This fitness guru pushed me to try things I would not have done on my own like hopping through obstacle courses and lifting heavier weights than I thought possible. Victoria’s fitness knowledge combined with her awesome attitude made exercise both fun and rewarding!

Alexandra, 33

VV shaped me up with a tough love policy and a sense of humor.  Every session was mostly no-nonsense and she turned out to be a friend as well.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She'll change your way of thinking and give you nutritious tips as well.  Sign on and see and feel the difference.  Truly.

Hildabeth, 71

I’ve worked out with Victoria for almost 3 years.  Over those 3 years she has not only gotten me in shape but has gotten me ready for my wedding and for having my first child.  And all through the process she’s become more than just my trainer but one of my good friends.  Victoria has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the biology of the body as well as proper functional movements to achieve your desired results.  She has always trained me based on my life situation and goals for that moment in time.  My programs for wedding readiness were very different from baby readiness.  And all of the peaks and valleys in between have specific programs to ensure safe and successful training.  Victoria has been with me and shaped not only my body but my mind for so many milestones in my life that I can’t thank her enough.

Cheryl, 34

I have been working with Victoria for over a year now. She has been an amazing trainer, but also coach, and has helped me really strive both physically and mentally in my everyday and athletic life. I met victoria wanting to "shed a few pounds" and ended on a program that has helped me heal old neck and back injuries. She did an amazing job at assessing my limitations and strength, keeping me focused and engaged in my recovery, as I know find myself mostly pain-free and  a lot stronger than when I started.

Dina, 37