While the majority of successful companies out there today do something to promote employee health and well-being, very few offer a comprehensive approach like ours. We create the content to educate your employees and provide the practicality and accountability of online coaching to your team so they are quickly and easily connected to their lifestyle coaches as often as they need. Our private forums are an ideal way for employees to learn, support each other in communal goals, and to enjoy some healthy competition in our fitness challenges. People are motivated by all different things and we have experience working with all different personalities. We are also available for live sessions.

Implementing a corporate wellness program for your staff results in many significant health outcomes, such as weight loss and obesity prevention, smoking cessation, the management of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as sleep and stress management. For the benefit of your business, you can expect lower absenteeism, higher work productivity, higher job satisfaction and employee retention, as well as lower health care costs. According to a 2014 Harvard Business Review study of 20 companies, the annual health care cost of those companies will wellness programs increased only 1-2% compared to the 7% national average. The American Journal of Health Promotion has published over 60 studies with findings that corporate wellness programs are linked to lower workers' compensation and disability insurance costs.

There is no better way to show your employees that they matter to you than to invest in their health and happiness. Contact us for more information on our unique, results-driven wellness program.