Oftentimes people come to us with a specific goal and anticipate that upon achieving this goal that the quality of their lives will be dramatically different than where they are now. For example, someone may say, "I need to lose 10lbs to be truly happy." So they constantly think about losing 10lbs. In our experience, focusing on the result doesn't bring the result, but focusing on the behaviors and the steps on the journey does. Going along with our example, upon deeper introspection we come to find out that focusing on losing 10lbs makes this client miserable and stressed, yet focusing on strengthening their hips to alleviate their knee pain empowers them and produces a better quality of life on the way to losing 10lbs. And then we may even find out along the way that the scale weight no longer matters to how happy and healthy this person can be and feel. 

In order for us to create sustainable lifestyle changes we need to get real about where we are right now, what's keeping us where we are, and what would have the greatest effect on our quality of life and health. Then we can narrow in on removing each limiting factor one at a time (like the knee pain in an effective exercise program). It is widely accepted that awareness is the first step to change. So, for this month's challenge, we would like for everyone to take some time to think about what their first goal is and where they are right now. Then click on the drop down tab that says "check in's" and only fill out the first portion up to goals. Please describe your current goal and paint an accurate picture of where you are right now in your life, then submit (so the remainder of the form is blank). Your coach may then suggest a short food journal, sleep log, or another kind of data collection depending on your goal. Men should click on check in with Kyle and ladies check in with Victoria. 

You might be asking, what's the prize for doing this? How does the best goody bag of our favorite snacks sound? Victoria and I love our healthy snacks and we would love to share the love with you all.