Over the last 11 years in the fitness industry, I have worked with countless women looking to improve their physical appearance and health. For all of us, underlying limiting beliefs and past circumstances shape our understanding of what fitness success looks like and requires. In addition, it's extremely common to think that fulfillment exists on the other side of our physical goals.

"I will be happy when..."

"If I lose ___lbs I will finally..."

When asked what I consider to be the determining factor between someone successful and someone that gives up I gave the answer of self-efficacy, the degree to which we believe we can change and succeed. But when I kept stripping that answer down after the fact, I knew the way to truly believing in ourselves did not come from ourselves.

I have spent a lot of time in my coaching career encouraging women to develop a deeper belief in themselves, all the while holding back what I know to be the truth.

The foundation of our self-efficacy is knowing who we are in Christ. When we understand that we don't need to be our own redeemers, and we grasp what it means to be a child of God, our health and fitness goals become so much more attainable. So much pressure is off. And on top of that, the revelation of our life's meaning is not in our physical bodies. We can experience fulfillment and peace in our souls, while caring for this temple that we temporarily live in.

This gave "fitness" a whole new meaning for me, and I had to share it.

So many times I wanted to say to a client, "seek the Lord", but I wasn't sure if it was okay to say in that context.

Women of Victory Virtual Mastermind is a place to strengthen our faith and our fitness, to build the body (both our own and the body of Christ), to learn, and to experience fellowship with like-minded women.

It's a safe place, a growth-minded environment, and a haven to speak our worries, fears, and successes without judgment. Then go out into the world and spread the good news, and the truth about fitness success! We know better than to rely on quick fixes or to buy into fitness "solutions" that hurt our bodies. We rely on truth - both scientific truth on metabolism (a gift from God) and the truth in the word of God.