Workout 1:

3x8 Goblet Squats
3x10 Lat Pulldowns
3x30s planks
Rest 60-90s

3x10 each side Bodyweight Walking Lunges
3x8each side Dumbbell Single arm Overhead press
3x5each side Spiderman to Thoracic Rotation
Rest 60s

3x10 Ball slams
3x10 Wall angels
Rest 45-60s

Workout 2:

3x10 Dumbbell sumo deadlift
3x6 Dumbbell Bench press
3x10 Bodyweight Glute Bridges
Rest 90s

3x10 Bodyweight Lateral Lunges
3x12 Dumbbell Single Arm Rows
3x20s each side Side Planks
Rest 60s

3x30s Wall sits
3x8 Pushups
Rest 45-60s

Workout 3:

3x6-8 Pull-ups (If you can not perform a regular pull-up, use the assisted pull-up machine)
3x8each side Dumbbell Reverse Lunges
Rest 90s

3x8 Double Dumbbell Overhead Press
3x10 Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
3x12 Seated Neutral Grip Rows
Rest 60s

3x12 Cable Facepulls
3x8each side Bodyweight Split Squats
Rest 45s-60s